My favorite Christmas album is “A Christmas Story” by Point of Grace. It features outstanding vocals and original music, along with plenty of familiar Christmas carols with some new stylings that only enhance the original song. I can always let it play all the way through at least twice while wrapping presents, helping make cookies, or just driving around looking for the perfect present.

The opening song always strikes me, revealing the real message of Christmas.


Close your eyes and share the dream

Let everyone on Earth believe

The Child was born, the stars shone bright

When Love came down at Christmastime.


Of course, not everyone on Earth is going to believe. Not everyone will place their faith in Christ to transform their lives and make them brand new people, free of guilt and judgment for everything they’ve ever done or will do.

But they can.

That line, “Let everyone on Earth believe”, is not a mandate. It’s an invitation. It’s offered to everyone.

Even if you don’t listen to this song, you hear the invitation every year at Christmastime. The joy on people’s faces as they prepare for Christmas. The anticipation and wonder of children, searching the skies for a magical sleigh and – sometimes – working harder at “being good”. The strange sense of extra compassion people feel, when they actually consider giving a few extra dollars to a particular charity.

There’s something in the air, a strange sort of benevolent spirit that permeates the atmosphere – whether people want it to or not. And when people don’t want to act kinder or more generously toward others, it feels wrong somehow. “After all,” we think, “… it’s Christmas.”

Not everyone feels that way about Christmas. A number of people just want to “get through the holidays”. Many have sad memories associated with this time of year, or struggle bitterly with their families, so they can’t see Christmas as a time of celebration.

In the same way, many people have been burned by their encounters with people from the church. Those rough-edged memories make it impossible for some people to see the church – or Christmas – as a good thing.

But they still are, when Jesus is at the center of it. After all, he’s the one making the invitation. He’s the one who came to us – each one of us – to give us a new life.

Wherever you are now, however you’ve been burned in life, however you’ve burned others, Jesus still cares about you, and wants to be in a relationship with you. The Bible says that Jesus holds his hands out all day long to a stubborn and obstinate people. No matter how much we reject or ignore Christ, he still stands waiting to welcome us into his world.

The invitation is still open.

Merry Christmas!


To further demonstrate that Christmas is for everyone, click the picture at right to view the Doctor Who Christmas tribute using “When Love Came Down” by Point of Grace!


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